What comes first in fundraising? + Fundraising Fieldnotes - 7.2.21

3 tips to fix the chicken & egg problem in fundraising

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This is my Friday recap of thoughts I’ve had while helping founders solve their fundraising challenges this past week (7.2.21)

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So what comes first in fundraising?

No matter who they are or what experience they have, founders always deal with anxiety when entering a fundraise. Some think, “What if I can’t get this done?!” while others stress about taking time away from the business or driving optimal terms. Either way, everyone deals with being nervous about the outcome of a fundraise.

It turns out, how and when you break free of that anxiety greatly affects the perception of you as a fundraiser. Since perception is everything in fundraising, this can be the difference between success and failure when raising capital. The moment a founder begins projecting a calm confidence while pitching their startup, investors begin listening more intently.

For most first-time founders, this is a chicken and egg dilemma. Entrepreneurs who project an aura of confidence around their ability to raise capital drive irrational interest from investors. However, the only way those first-time founders acquire any sort of confidence is when investors start leaning in. So what comes first? How do you break the cycle as a founder?

Here are three tips to help you show up with a level of calm confidence that will stimulate investor interest from the beginning: (continue reading…)

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On to the Fieldnotes for 7.2.21…

Speaking of preparation…check out this strategy from the founder of DocSend

I love this simple note about decks. I always say “addition by subtraction”

Till next week. Stay adamant and be chased.


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