The value of practice + Fundraising Fieldnotes - 6.4.21

How to battle nerves while pitching

Hey - it’s Jason Yeh 🕺🏻

This is my Friday recap of notes I jotted down while helping founders solve their fundraising challenges this past week (6.4.21)

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First, we’re talking practice…

This week I had the pleasure of welcoming Robbie Crabtree from Performative Speaking as a guest lecturer in my class Fundraise with Confidence. As part of the session, we had 5 entrepreneurs deliver the first 5 minutes of their pitch to gain feedback on how to improve.

One of the founders who pitched told me afterwards how nervous she was. My reply in so many words was “that’s the point!”

The first time you try pitching your company you’re going to be nervous. The second time, you’ll be a little less nervous. Each time you run through your pitch you become a little more comfortable and get a little less nervous. The less nervous you are the easier it will be for investors to connect with you. I encourage founders to practice and gain comfort with their story/pitch so they show up to meet an investor (either in person or over zoom) with as much confidence and excitement as possible. 

Pro Tip: Don’t underestimate the value of practicing with family, friends, and other people who might not be “sophisticated” stand-ins for real investors. Anything is better than just reading slides in your head!   

In fundraising, first impressions make a huge impact on investment decisions. Founders need to do everything they can to improve that first experience and there’s no better way to do that than by practicing the live pitch.

We talking bout practice.

(watch👆 for the Allen Iverson reference)

On to the Fieldnotes for 6.4.21…

Speaking of nerves while pitching. Check out these strategies to shake the nerves:


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