How to request an intro + Fundraising Fieldnotes - 7.9.21

Understanding 2 types of intros unlocks more powerful intros

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This is my Friday recap of thoughts I’ve had while helping founders solve their fundraising challenges this past week (7.9.21)

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How do you request a great intro?

It’s difficult to fully describe the importance of introductions within the game of early- stage fundraising to someone who hasn’t been a professional investor. In short, when you’re on the inside and see how the sausage is made, you gain an appreciation for how little hard data investors have to base investment decisions on. Fairly subjective factors like how a VC first discovers an opportunity becomes incredibly influential. Was it a cold, unsolicited email or did a trusted friend share the deal?

While VCs do invest in deals that reach them via cold outreach, the vast majority of investments are made in companies that are shared via warm introduction.

This stark contrast in outcomes makes concentrating on generating introductions to target investors crucial to a strong fundraise. There are many components of introductions in fundraising that I could write an essay on, but here I’ll focus on the importance of understanding 2 types of intros.

The most common advice given to founders about how to ask for introductions is to make it easy for the person making the introduction (“the connector”). Usually this means providing a blurb and/or a forwardable email to send to the target investor. That’s just table stakes though. You can really optimize outcomes when you begin to understand there are 2 types of intros (continue reading…)

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On to the Fieldnotes for 7.9.21…

Fundraising email protip ✅

It’s really helpful to hear the inner narrative of a deck. Good read

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