5 little-known ways to get an investor’s attention

December 2022

Aka the most misleading pass on earth
Reducing the information gap between Founders & VCs

November 2022

The top anxieties from your fellow founders...
Cold Feet in Investor Skydiving (a true story)

October 2022

Building, sustaining, and closing investor interest
First-time founders who deeply understand the investor psyche have a huge edge.
The Foreign Language of Fundraising (insights from Parker Treacy) “There’s no way that’s how it works” This is a common reaction founders have when they…

September 2022

Examples of great posts that create intrigue around a fundraise
How to best use your time before fundraising starts…
Do you REALLY understand dilution? A viral walkthrough…

August 2022

If you write regular investor updates, believe me…they could be WAY better. Why should you care? Over the past 10 years I’ve seen over a thousand…